Drew Moldenhauer

Owner/Master Instructor

As Law Enforcement Teacher at the Anoka STEP College. Drew teaches post-secondary classes in Law Enforcement in which students can obtain college credit.

He also is Adjunct Professor at Concordia St-Paul University, Normandale Community College, Metropolitan State University, and Hennepin Technical College.

Drew has 12 years of full-time Law Enforcement Officer experience with the City of Ramsey in Minnesota. He currently is part-time with the City of Osseo.

Drew is a certified Situational Awareness Master Instructor through Dr. Richard Gasaway’s Situational Awareness Matters Program https://www.samatters.com/.

Drew’s dream has always been to share his gift of instructing to clients. He has and will always conduct himself in a professional manner. He has a lot of experience and taught classes in active shooter, use of force, crisis intervention, report writing, and basic interview skills.

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Rich Webb

Owner/Master Instructor

With 15 years of law enforcement experience, Rich brings firsthand knowledge in leadership and tactics that are grounded in common sense and research-based knowledge.  Rich has instructed countless classes in Active Threat response to Law Enforcement, Schools, Churches and Commercial industries. 

In 2014, Rich was involved in a shooting on the steps of a daycare facility in which his partner and he were awarded the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Medal of Honor.  From this incident, he has worked on speaking and educating the public and fellow officers on the realities of an officer involved shooting.

Rich has a passion for training which is why he has led his department’s Field Training Program which consistently creates professional, capable, and compassionate police officers.

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Robert Pullar

Active Threat Instructor

As a Police Officer with the City of Ramsey Police Department, Robert is a trained and certified Active Shooter instructor. Robert has conducted training for Police Departments and private entities. Robert has trained under Drew and Rich to become a BEST instructor.  Robert has a passion for teaching and educating others on the importance of self-protection and surviving critical incidents such as an active threat. Robert has taught multiple active threat classes and enjoys helping others mentally prepare to survive an active threat at work or in a public place. Robert understands the importance of being able to return home at the end of the day and will work hard to give you the knowledge and skills so you can.


James Bagne

Active Threat Instructor

James began his law enforcement career in 2013 and has served as a Patrol Officer and Investigator for the Ramsey Police Department.
As a Certified Firearms Instructor and Active Shooter Instructor, James trains and prepares police officers for deadly force encounters. James has successfully completed Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and frequently uses de-escalation techniques on the streets. James has prior work experience in retail, distribution, and manufacturing industries.
As a BEST Instructor, James has trained citizens including educators and healthcare professionals how to prepare for and survive an active threat incident. James combines real-life law enforcement experiences with active threat training for an interesting and easy to understand experience for his students.


Tyler Decker

Tactical EMS Instructor

Tyler who is a trained Paramedic comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in tactical emergency medicine.  Tyler has served as a High Threat Protective Security Specialists/Tactical Paramedic in Afghanistan providing protective security and advanced medical/tactical support for dignitaries in high threat environments.  Tyler has also served as a Texas Police Officer and K9 handler.  Tyler’s training certifications include: SWAT/Tactical Medicine, PHTLS, ACLS, PALS, NREMT instructor and CIT Crisis Intervention.  Tyler has a passion for teaching and helping give the public and Officers tools to survive and save those around us.